What is your Health and Fitness goal? Join us and consider it achieved.

But actually that's not enough for us...

We want to know what your NEXT goal is.

When you become a member of Tony Martin's Gym it's not simply a matter of achieving one goal, you are on a journey of achieving a lifestyle you can grow, maintain and enjoy. And we are going to be with you every step of the way!

Ladies, how good will it feel when you're healthy, happy and high on life?

And guys, being fit, fast and over forty is a great way to be.

No matter what your goal, we want to set you up with the confidence to look and feel good in any situation. It's all about you!

Here at Tony Martin's Gym, we focus on people embracing their body image. There is no judging here. It's the bigger goal that counts, enjoying your fitness lifestyle. We offer a safe and friendly environment that will allow you to reach your full potential. We love to share our buzz, our vibe and our energy (careful it’s contagious!).

Feeling good about yourself will be a big part of your gym experience. From when you walk in, during the occasional tough bits through to enjoying and maintaining your fitness lifestyle. 

You've made the first step by landing on this page, now come and check out your future gym in person!